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Do you want to be a guest presenter? Becoming Part of the Temple

Weekly Temple services are hibernating until further notice.

Meanwhile special Temple events may hatch and, with enough interest
and tangible commitment we might eventually resume with monthly, 
seasonal or even weekly services.

For now, our beautiful altars have moved
to Shakti Moon and will soon grace the cabin/temple.
We will also be holding sacred circles by invitation.
The blessing of this kind of circle is that we can go into the
deeper transmissions and transformational empowerments
usually not accessible in a mainstream event.

Thank you all who participated in the Temple these past 3 1/2 years!
Especially Persephone Wolfshadow, Debbi Stricklan, Anita,
Heidi Foss, Ashley Anderson and Paulette Shephard
and some others who know who they are!

blessings, Rev. Vajra Ma and Wolfgang Nebmaier
co-founders, Southern Oregon Temple of the Goddess

- below follows the long version that nobody will read - 

(long version)

Dear Friends,
There is no way around it:  We are sad to announce that the Temple's weekly services are on hiatus until further notice. I am very sad because there is no where else I would rather be than in sacred circle graced by the tangible presence of the Goddess. I am sad even though we can do that anywhere and, other good things are brewing...(see further below)

If there is enough interest and tangible commitment in the future, the Temple may resume with monthly or seasonal gatherings, perhaps even weekly again. But how the Temple re-shapes depends on what you want. You, the people who attended the services of the Southern Oregon Temple of The Goddess. And you, the reader of this email and of many before it.  It will require that enough people make it a priority in their lives rather than a now-and-then feel-good event. My work, our work, is not about recreational spirituality. Once, this needed to be said that clearly.

If, as was the case, in the 3 1/2 years of weekly services, only a handful of times the donations actually met the requested minimum of $3 per person (and even that was because a few generous people made up for the rest), it is no longer spiritually healthy for us two to unreflectedly spend our time and energy and resources in this way. Likewise it is not spiritually healthy to essentially enable those who attend for spiritual nourishment without reciprocity on their part. We persevered because we believed the Temple would grow by word of mouth, especially since so many expressed to us how heart moving and deeply rewarding the services were. True, The Divine Mother’s presence and blessings were palpably present.

Having said that, however, in no way intends to detract from or diminish our gratitude and appreciation of all who participated and attended!

We especially thank Persephone Wolfshadow who has been so devoted in consistent service and donations of both time and money and conscientious attention for the past two years. Persephone, hey listen: we thank You! Most recently you did a particularly marvelous job helping carry the responsibility of the Temple as Altar Keeper and producer of our recent altar and Chakra Series. You are a Goddess-send!

The recent Chakra Series was a rich journey with a large dose of support, altar-making and presentations from Ashley Anderson. Thank you, Ashley, you are a treasure!

Debbi Stricklan, you have been so generous and loving with your time, participation and expertise. You are one amazing woman! One amazing grandmother! And bringing your grandsons to Temple has been an eye opener of what is possible, what a future generation of men could be like. Please tell them so, for us - - when and how they can receive it.

Anita,  you have been a long-time supporter,
thank you for your warm and loving  presence in the circle.

Thank you! Heidi Foss, your beautiful altar and teachings and your daughters’ presence has been wonderful to have in the Temple. Our next generation of empowered women! The theme of the future continues.

Paulette Shephard, your strong devotional presence and many expressions of appreciation have been heartening and received with joy. Thank you!

And whoever wasn't mentioned here, you know who you are.

As mentioned above…more is brewing… A thread of community seems to be forming and Wolfgang and I are holding sacred circles on our land, by invitation. The blessing of this kind of circle is that we can go into the deeper transmissions and transformational empowerments. If you are interested in this deeper spiritual work contact me and let's talk about it. The work includes meditation, healing and communion with the Goddess and Ancestors through shamanic drum and dance work, sacred dance transmissions and vocal and Tibetan bowl sounding. The Divine Mother has much more to pour into our lives and She will do so if we just get together and create the circle to receive it.

Meanwhile Wolfgang and I are taking the winter to finish our books and catch up with long delayed projects on our land, Shakti Moon. Incidentally, we have living space on the land available in exchange for help with the land projects. If interested, contact us for more info.

Happy Solstice Blessings to you all,

Rev. Vajra Ma and Wolfgang Nebmaier

Blessed Be!    Aho!   Namaste!   Amen!    Shalom!    Ashe!

THE SOUTHERN OREGON TEMPLE OF THE GODDESS, located in Grants Pass, Oregon is a center for spiritual expression and education for women and men, focussing on Woman's Natural Spiritual Authority. We promote woman-centered spirituality by providing weekly temple services, community and personal rituals, sacred performances, classes and lectures.

We believe divine power contains all: female, male, animal, plant, mineral, and elemental. And we believe this all-inclusive divine power to be primarily feminine. As women heal ourselves and reclaim and nourish our natural spiritual authority, we generate greater wisdom, creativity, wholeness, compassion, justice, and peace for all.

Is a place of worship for people of all faiths

to honor and nourish Woman's natural spiritual authority

"Honoring and Cultivating the Divine Mother in All"
People of all faiths welcome.

The Weekly Service includes a talk, meditation, or experiential 
presentation, guided by Rev. Vajra Ma or an invited Guest Presenter.

Our Liturgy

The Service was inspirational:

Our main focus is HEART MEDITATION,
an immersion into the silence and depths of the Heart.
The Heart changes everything.
Candle lighting ceremony,
Meditation circle with healing prayer,
Sound circle of toning, drumming or Tibetan bowl
The Service was educational:
Followed by Dialogue-discussion 
and often our inspiring Jewel of the Lineage of Woman,
about a past or modern woman who has made a 
noteworthy contribution to humanity.
The Service was real :
We were not always tame! We got drums and rattles and voices going to rouse the energy!
Felt free to bring an instrument. There was no dress code; wear whatever makes you feel good.
The Southern Oregon Temple of The Goddess Sanctuary 
was open all week during business hours and
  • Write a prayer request and place it in the prayer vase or at the appropriate altar. 
  • Use divination tools (Tarot, Goddess runes, Animal card decks, etc) from the divination altar. 
  • Read from the Temple's library. 
  • Simply enjoy the peace and meditative rest. 
  • We would have appreciated your donation for rent and costs: $3-5
    Our liturgy and structure are modeled after The Goddess Temple of Orange County which was founded by Rev. Ava Park, a close associate of Vajra Ma's. Vajra Ma frequently teaches at this sister temple located in Irvine, CA.

    The Temple is a place for people of all faiths to honor the sacred feminine in every woman and in all Creation. 

    Do you want to be
    a guest presenter?
    Do you want to 
    suggest a guest presenter?
    Is there a subject or woman's work you would like presented at the Temple?
    Do you yourself feel you would wish to be a guest presentor? 
    or give us a call. 541-292-6310